The very attitude that leads to accepting the challenges that welcome technological innovation is embedded in our company’s DNA. As history teaches us, when new technologies are introduced within society, a transformation of the work assets inevitably takes place. We can see it happening today with the introduction of several technologies in the workplace, such as  Iot, virtual commissioning etc.

We, at LAM, are ready for the future. We are preparing for radical transformations that are already tangible thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the factory. We are ready to welcome new innovation once again.



The I.D.E.A. project arises from the need to introduce highly innovative operating methods capable of supporting some of the company’s production processes. LAM has always been attentive at improving the quality of production processes. For this specific reason, this integrated digital system introduces technologies that support operators working manual activities, in order to make production more efficient. Furthermore, this system permits LAM to give an overall more effective service to customers, in terms of technical assistance and maintenance.

The key elements of LAM I.D.E.A.:

MSC Tools (Manufacturing Support and Control) with ARCADIA © system.

Remote Support System based on AR (Augmented Reality) technology

Through the I.D.E.A. Integrated Digital System with Augmented reality, LAM provides the tools to implement the radical transformation of the production process thanks to the integration of interconnected digital systems of Augmented Reality that, by the use of wearable devices, act in two specific phases of the productive process: the assembly cycles (with the introduction of the Guided Conduct and Process Control) and the assistance and remote support for the resolution of problems related to the normal maintenance of particularly complex machines. The aid of Augmented Reality allows LAM to revolutionize some operational areas of the production process. It simplifies some activities carried out by specialized operators, optimizes and makes work time more efficient thanks to Guided Conduct and to the integration of Process Control system that reduces, or completely eliminates, possible errors. Furthermore, the development of the integrated software connected to wearable devices allows LAM to offer to its customers a remote qualified assistance for any problem, an immediate transfer of learning models and then deliver perfectly productive and efficient work equipment in a short timeframe. The I.D.E.A. system complies with the 4.0 Industry targeting of digital transformation by using key enabling technology such as Augmented Reality and Big Data analysis to support and optimize production processes.

Remote Support System based on AR (Augmented Reality)