Robotized welding unit for vehicle rear suspension arms

Automated arc welding for rear right and left arms, with robot ABB programming and rotary table for unloading without downtime. Isolated cabin to manage activities.
Time cycle: 3,35 minutes per couple of arms.



Chip removal

Lines, special machines and new transfer units or complete retrofit of existing machinery for chip removal applications.


Lines with automated in-process controls, special stand-alone machines, handling systems, new stations on existing lines or units, retooling and retrofit of existing lines.

Test and simulations

New in / out process machines as well as component characterization machines and complete retrofit of existing machinery.

Other applications

Welding units, shearing machines, car body machines and special equipment for specific applications.


Advanced technologies

From the application of the Lean Manufacturing concept, implementation of IoT technologies, Training & Maintenance by use of Augmented Reality, LAM uses all the most advanced technologies.


Over time, LAM has implemented a planning and scheduling system for orders to check the progress of activities at any time and to always respond to the organizational needs of its customers.


LAM studies the best automation solution, with a totally customized project. The management of orders, together with timely planning and design, make LAM a modern industrial reality capable of manufacturing advanced machines.

After sales service

LAM has specialized technicians, installers and maintenance workers in Italy and abroad in order to be able to assist the customer in a timely manner. The company structure is always available for the supply of spare parts that are guaranteed for the entire life cycle of the machine supplied.

City car structure overview during driving. 3d illustration
Passenger aircraft on maintenance of engine and fuselage repair in airport hangar


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